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Guide how to make money with a micro-nich
There are several ways to make money online, and one of them is the Clickbank affiliate program. In this business, the affiliate joins a network selling digital products.

ClickBank has been operating in the market for more than 10 years, always working honestly and guarantee benefit to its users. The market affiliate ClickBank has paid more than 1.3 billion dollars in commissions its affiliates in various parts of the world. This shows that the company is committed to results.

If you are one of those who want to make money from online, clickbank is a good place to start. Consult your standards and join with this network that continues to grow in the Hispanic market and worldwide.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a platform based in the USA, which sells digital products. Perhaps you already have something on Clickbank in my previous articles. These products can be ebooks, guides, software, courses, etc.

On the one hand, this company lets you earn money by promoting other people's products, which are commonly called affiliate marketing and is one of the fastest and "easy" ways and make money and put "quotation marks "because easy is not synonymous with simple. Everything has its process and until you learn what you should do, it will not be easy to be a good affiliate, but still, it's always easier to be affiliate to sell your own product.

Basically it works is to offers thousands of digital products in different niches to choose from and then we can provide them through our custom links and every time someone makes a purchase through our links, we receive a commission, usually of more than 50% in most cases.

On the other hand, Clickbank gives you the ability to use the platform to process payments by credit card and PayPal and automate the entire process of product delivery to the customer once you payment has been made correctly. This also includes automatic redirection of customers to the registration page for the user creation if the product sold is a memberesía or protected by this technology. Apart from this, also connects sellers with affiliates.

Clickbank has different forms of payment: You can send a check every 15 days or depositarte money in your bank account after you reach a certain amount. The amount you make up.

So if you're wondering if Clickbank is a payment processor or affiliation platform, the answer is both services.

To make money with Clickbank you have 2 options:

1. Being seller

2. Being affiliate

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How to make money with Clickbank as a seller.

Clickbank lets you upload your products to the platform (videos, courses, plugins, software, ebooks, etc.) so that the other affiliates promote your product.

The advantages of a vendor are:

- You do not have to do promotional work

- You decide how much you want to pay affiliates

- You have control over your product and sales page

- You can decide the price of your product

Disadvantages of being seller:

- You need to be generous with commissions for affiliates

- You have to support customers

- You have to make it easy for affiliates to promote your product (give tools for promotions, advise them, give them good commissions, etc)

- You must get first to get affiliate sales

- You assume full responsibility for any problems that happen with your product.

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How to make money with Clickbank affiliate?

As an affiliate, you have it easier because you have only to promote and collect. What differentiates the rest ClickBank digital sales platforms is that their commissions are very high, so it can be very lucrative. These fees can range from 30% to 70%.

Advantages of being an affiliate:

- You receive high commissions

- You do not have to support

- You can choose any product to promote

- You have already made promotional tools (in most cases)

Disadvantages of being affiliated:

- You have a lot of competition. There are many more members than sellers

- You must do the work of promotion and persuasion well

- You have no control over the product or sales page

- In many cases you will have to invest money to get conversions, either in traffic or content

- There are still many in the Hispanic market products to market and there are not very good.

My recommendation is to start as an affiliate and choose products that convert well. How can you tell if a product becomes well?

Very simple. Clickbank uses a metric called "Gravity." The severity refers to the number of affiliates that are promoting this product and who have managed to make at least one sale during that week. But obviously, the more gravity has a product, more competition tendrá-

A good gravity is at least 35. Unfortunately in the Hispanic market still do not have products that exceed 100 seriously, but some become very good. The key is to try several and see which converts better.

And that's how you make money with Clickbank. If you like this article, share it and leave a comment.

How to make money with a micro-nich - The Right Way

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Guide on how to make money with Adfly shortening URLs

Today I will talk about how to make money with Adfly. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online without investing a penny forms.
How does Adfly?

Adfly is a site for shortening URLs (links) that pays its affiliates when someone visits How to make money with Adfly shortening URLs these shortened links. With Adfly you can promote these shortened links and for each click they receive, Adfly will pay you a commission.
These links you can promote on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, websites, etc. Obviously, if you have accounts on social networks with many followers, you'll earn more money.

To start making money adfly only need 2 things:
- A PayPal account

- An account of Adfly

(The PayPal account you used to be able to receive payments and so you can get that money in your bank).

To create an account click here Adfly. Then click on "Register" and fill in the details. In the box account option, you must select "shortener links: create shortened URLs and earn money."

Once you've created your account, you will receive an e-mail with a code confining. You must paste this code in the link that have sent you. Finally, once you have activated your account, you must log in >> >> Payment Processor account, here you must put your PayPal. And ready, you can start to shorten links.

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To create PayPal account click here. No need to have a bank account, but in case you want to send the money to your bank will have to associate a credit card and a bank account.

Adfly pays the first Monday of each month. Profits depend fundamentally reference site visitors and clicks from all over the world are paid and earnings vary between $ 1 and $ 4 per thousand click on your URLs.

Tips and tricks to increase profits with Adfly
Here are some methods which can promote your links Adfly. Remember that if you do click on your own links because it will not generate any revenue, since Adfly track your IP. So do not try.

- Make Money with Adfly and Facebook: Do you have a page with many fans? Do you have an account with a lot of friends? Share with them something that might interest them, with a short descriptive note, urging them to click on it. Example: "I just saw this excelent movie. I loved it. Click here to see it. "

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- Make Money with Adfly and Twitter: if you already have one with many followers on Twitter, you can send one tweet a day with your shortened link. If you do not have an account you can create one on any subject that might interest people. For example love quotes or funny jokes. And leave your link with a striking tweet.
- Make Money with Adfly and YouTube: if you already have videos uploaded to YouTube, adfly money twitteracorta your links with Adfly description. This technique can become an interesting source of income, if you upload a lot of videos.
- Make Money with Adfly and forums: Another strategy is to place your link in your signature Adfly shortened in various forums and posting messages go (without spamming).

And here comes my article on how to make money with Adlfy. If you liked not forget to share G+1. And subscribe to our blog!

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How to make money with shortened URLs Adfly

Monday, August 29, 2016

Earn money to making videos for Youtube

You work hard and money does not reach you? Its imposible. Today I'll tell you how to win big money and be very successful with a simple work.

Okay. you need to start time, a little or a lot of talent and creativity idea.
What are you waiting for? You made Youtube videos  with your imagination and you upload them on youtube and earn money.

Did you know that you can make money uploading videos on Youtube? There are many people who earn a lot of money. There are the most popular YouTube channels , which channel earn a lot of money. Each video climbing receives an average of 500000 to 600000 views and according to estimates made on another website this account could easily be generating the modest sum of $ 7000- 8000 per month. Youtube invites you to be partners and make videos of your new lifestyle.

The good news is that it is now possible to make money from the videos uploaded to youtube in a variety of new countries.

To access the program you must already be a user of Google Adsense which should enroll your Youtube account to start making money through ads displayed on your videos. According to the program description, advertising revenue is based on the cost per impression or CPM.

I want to stress that if you want to make money on Youtube, it is imperative that the videos you upload are created by yourself, and be sure that is original content you have made that. It is against our program policies lucrarte with content created by others which means you have to be a very creative person and be willing to invest a lot of time creating viral content.

Make Money from Youtube
The Partner Program is a revenue-sharing program that allows creators and producers of original content get benefits if your videos are successful on YouTube. You can earn revenue through relevant ads appear when your video is played through Google technology. The program uses based advertising cost per print. According to a note published in the official blog of Youtube this is the list of countries where available the Youtube Partners program, the list includes countries like Mexico and Argentina.

To better understand the potential of this program, I invite you to read the following article (in English) where some people earning more than $ 100,000 a year. If you search on youtube for successful youtuber who are Making $ 100,000 Plus Per year.

Many of the videos that they think are funny, entertaining, interesting and meaningless but are videos that reach millions of people, who do click advertising. Thus some "celebrities youtube" can get substantial revenue.

What you can not make money without money? Upload a Youtube video free. Make good use of your grace and creativity you can become rich without being the most intelligent, handsome and without knowledge of finance or technology.

Do you have any idea? To begin participating in the program visit the website Youtube Partner.
Conclusion : Really its a simple but creative idea thats will reace you in the top stair of success with unlimited earnings. So make an idea, be a creative, be a successful video marketer and achieve your goal, and enjoy a hapiness Life.
Thanks for reading.

How to make money with youtube

You can start making money with WordPress blog becomes an instrument of the most popular after its publication in the hectic world of today. How many times have you had the opportunity to develop their own web pages visited or blog and make money with free blog? With increasing competition in the market, you have need for appropriate tools, which manages the site content. It  is not only effective but also provides a unique set of templates for maximum traffic for your domain that’s you needs to win.

Make money with wordpress blog

Originally designed as a blogging software, WordPress has changed and updated efficiently to provide greater flexibility in the use of users. To create, for example, if you do not want a weblog, you can also use this software and intelligent site to create e-commerce. Any site that you want to create, you can find many WordPress plugins to help, to work effectively. Also you can add or remove any plugin of wordpress and any time. Wordpres has SEO elping plugins that’s will develop your website’s SEO automatically. Even that increase Google presence of keyword and domain.

The vast majority of these plugins can be found on the World Wide Web, and even found as a gift! This means that with wordpress themes and plug-in is high, the ability to manage and optimize your site to some search engines. You will have no difficulty in mastering the Internet, driving traffic, making it an ideal source of online income.

For a man who is trying to make money with blog using wordpress as a framework for investment it is not necessarily a domain name registration and web circles.

Make sure that you have enough time to understand and solve a package that best suits of your needs. If you have a website, you can use  free ad metworks, they want to use your website to publish sponser ad company in any way. The only limitation is your imagination. There are people who earn hundreds of dollars to be easy to use and features wordpress blog, there are other issues that the Kingdom of blogs is much less profitable. The most important objects of blogs on topics of questions and ideas should be encouraged. If the work is interesting and unique, certainly of interest to many others.

Another option that many people make profitable e-commerce.
Despite the basic features and functions to support the publication of articles in wordpress, the software comes with a modular architecture, people in their intellectual properties and may vary depending on your needs. This means that with wordpress, may also have a site with lots of trails, pages and links, while outstanding management controls in place.

WordPress combines a number of advanced features for users if wisely used to help people make money with blog can be taken. So make a good plan to start bloging with wordpress and making money from online.
Thanks to read.

Make money with WordPress Blog

Sunday, August 28, 2016

If you want to touch your dream, must read this. 

Many people has been perplexing  a problem to make extra money at home, myself included, have been fighting for a long time. It seems that what is offered on the Internet, so making money, leaves much to be desired and neglects the measures that may be crucial to the success of vendors.

4 major reasons to make extra money at home

1. I hate my job and I want to be my own boss.
2. I want to be financially free.
3. I need extra money to pay expenses.
4. I want to be a millionaire by earning passive income.

If you want  instant earnings it can be hired for a job as a freelance Internet. If you are a good writer you can offer to write articles. If you are good in graphic design, you can offer your services to design websites. The best way to become a freelancer, however, is to join one of the many independent websites and an offer for different jobs that are current.

How to get extra money at home?
There are many ways to get extra money at home. But Now the sale of its website is a great way to make extra money at home, or by flipping websites. Many people buy low-cost websites and will turn around and sell these websites for much more than bought for.

This process is known as a Website. This is a very popular and profitable method of making money online fast. With a little time, you can have low cost web sites, improve before they are sold and sell for the most money possible.

How to earn extra money from home without investment?
If you search on for making extra money from online, you will get hundreds so offer on there. Also, there are online companies that will pay for the opinions and comments. You can earn extra money by completing surveys and answering e-mails from companies.

You can register online with these companies, which offer these services, and start making money immediately. Make sure, however, that these companies are legit, before providing any personal information.

If you already have a website that is offering or selling something, the easiest way to get traffic to that website is through pay per click campaigns.

Programs like Google AdWords offer webmasters the opportunity to create traffic to their websites by paying it. Simply register in the program and run an ad like you would see in your local newspaper. This program would place your ad in places where targeted traffic would see it and finally click the link going to your website with their offerings on it.

Making money online can be fun, but requires hard work, patience and persistence. You must learn new skills and be able to focus their efforts on the tasks at hand while overcoming the times when things are not going well, and is already planning to return to work from 9 to 5. With a lot of desire, can persist and gain many benefits that can not be achieved in a brick and mortar work. More information Click Here

Extra Money At Home