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How to make money from home with online affiliate marketing

Hi Guys, how are you? I am well. We know that online affiliate marketing is the best profession to extra earning to use your computer with internet to stay at your home. And I ensure to you that, you can not imagine What will give you the online affiliate marketing.

  In this article I will be showing you how to make money online from home for free. Affiliate marketing is when a product is promoted to another person and if you make a sale through your affiliate link you will receive a commission.

Please note that not only lets you earn money overnight. Depending on how much time and effort you put into this, you can take from a week to a month to make your first sale from online.

This is the online instrument what you will need for starting affiliate marketing.

     1. Clickbank account
     2. WordPress blog
     3. A YouTube channel
     4. A fan page on Facebook
     5. A Twitter account etc.

All the above things are free. You need an account at first on Clickbank to find products to promote, create a WordPress blog on to put your promotions, create a YouTube channel on, create a Facebook fan page on and create a Twitter account on to drive traffic to your blog.

If you do not know how to set these up then there are plenty of online tutorials you could see.
Below is a list of what you do shows to make money online from home.

Find a product in Clickbank and research that product's demand. Because you need to know which product is the best seller product. If you can find out that people which product buy from online, you can sell easily that product. And for this you need at first.......

     1.Keyword research.
     2.Write an article for your blog product promotion.
     3.Search engine optimization article.
     4.Put your affiliate links through out the article, 3 links is sufficient.
    5. Driving traffic to your blog items through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
    6. Build links with the item will increase your ranking in Google, which will give more traffic.
My long time "Clickbank affiliate marketing experience" says that there have some Useful and attractive product, which buy the customers all time. Such as Paid Social Media Jobs, The 3week Diet etc.

We will go into more detail now. You enter your Clickbank account, go to the market square, enter a niche, preferably one who has experience as it will be able to write about it. Once you have chosen a place and you have to choose your first product to make money online from home.

The next thing is going to have to do is keyword research. We'll have to find a keyword to optimize our article. If your product is about health and fitness, then you could start brainstorming keywords, for example how to burn belly fat, how to lose belly fat, etc. Now we have to go to the tool keywords. Here my personally recommendation is buying keyword. About buying keyword I have written an article in an another article.

A keyword can be "how to lose fat" has a total of 1,500,000 searches. This would be very difficult to rank on Google, so I recommend you find a keyword with a low amount of monthly searches and low competition. 1000-5000 adhere to global monthly searches until you have more experience.

Once you have found a keyword you need to write an article for your blog to promotion the product . The article could be some relevant information free to the product or it could be a product review.

The next thing we need to do is search engine optimization (SEO) artice. SEO is to optimize some high rank in search engines for a keyword / keywords word.
Here's how you can SEO blog.

    Main keyword phrase in the title.
    Primary keyword phrase in the first sentence, center of the article and the previous paragraph.
    Primary keyword phrase on labels and categories.
    You can also put secondary keywords throughout the article and its labels and categories.

Now we have to leave your affiliate links through out the article, so if you make a sale to earn a commission. You can leave a "Click here for more information" button at the bottom of the article or ad out in the paper. Three links is sufficient.

The last thing we need to do is drive lesser traffic to your new blog post. Create a video for your keyword and upload it to YouTube and search engine optimize the video. Send a couple of tweets and update their Facebook fan page. Be sure to leave links to your blog.

This step is optional, but will increase your ranking in search engines. Build links to your blog. This can be done by submitting articles to directories, blog comments, guest blogging and social bookmarking. More information to the next post.

Thank you for reading!

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