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14 Ideas for extra money in your leisure time

The Best Ideas for extra money in your Leisure time
If your income is just covered your monthly basic needs, you can manage another income source that’s you will do besides your running job. And it will remove your needy tension, so let I tell you what to do so you can get that a new way.

1. Bazaars and mobile shops.
The popularity of street local (type food trucks) has shown us that are here to stay. They are a perfect entry, a way for small businesses to assess the market without large overheads, and as a steady stream of additional income that requires much time and effort as your schedule permits.
For this to be truly successful, I organize it with several friends. His contacts and relationships together ensure the attendance of many people and the workload will be distributed, you'll laugh more and, most importantly, can create a diverse range of offers without having to invest time and money, accumulating enough commodity.
You can make money with your hobby (such as jewelry, photography and artisans Nias) read tarot cards, sell clothes that no longer use or just make more of your famous Thai curry and a few extra rounds of your delicious cupcakes; even make a pop-up restaurant at home. And if you think that's a lot of work, it may make it more simple: sell your immortal mojitos at a music festival.
2. Becoming a sales representative.
There is great demand for independent sales agents and part-time, especially in the cosmetics industry and clothes .
The advantage is that you can do as much as it suits you; from sell to your friends and acquaintances, to organizing parties and events to expand your network of customers. But beware, only do it if you have extra money to spend; in general, you should buy what you're selling and earn on average 10 to 20% commission on sales you make.
For this to really work, you also need to be heading and social extrover-, and enjoy an excellent presentation.
3. Participate in online surveys.
Most companies want to know what consumers think about their products and services so companies hire surveys to ask people like you to write comments on their websites.
There are many who pay well enough or get coupons, free products or huge discounts only to complete a short questionnaire. But do not go to cheat: the sites that ask for any payment for registrar are usually scams. Visit this Surveys Company
4. Rent rooms.
Do you have an extra bedroom? Would you spare a space for a car? If you are near tourist attractions, you can advertise as a place of temporary income.
Make an ad describing your ideal host (eg, a foreign model photo shoot for three days or executive women who are in town to attend various conferences) and post it on different websites.
5. Teaches Language.
There is great demand with language centers that teach Language and most have oversubscribed foreign students. We're not recommending that you take a course-not have to be given qualifications to teach conversational and the number of schools falls far below requirements.
Only it consists of a conversation over dinner or in a park, but if you're very good at this, you can create a semi-ary income, although you need to be comfortable with treating several people and be patient. Post your services in various educational forums and, who knows ?, maybe finish with new friends while $$$ generate.
 Visits this Language Training Websites that can help You. 
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5.Learn German With Rocket German!
These ideas also have their charm ...
6. Trade online.
If you are aware of, for example, jewelry, video games or retro postcards, looking for deals online, buy things and revéndelas in the same way with a profit margin. Just do not invest more; note that you should sell what you gain (accumulator girls, this is not for you).
7. Sell Online.
Turn that old phone, that iron, that coat you never wear, these earrings, or anything in cash, by signing on classified sites. Publish your photos and watch hundreds of messages arrive.
8. Basic Technology.
Maybe your knowledge that you assume you generate income or help several people to repair their computers, or teach them how to use Excel or open an email account. The word of mouth advertising you can get more work, just remember not to do things that do not speak.
9. Data collection.
Of course it's boring, but you can earn a few extra pesos with that free time you have every Thursday afternoon.
10. Walk dogs.
You do not even think that if you are not physically strong, madly love the dogs and are friendly with animals. Publish your local veterinary services, doubling your income and become a whole dog walker.
11. Modeling and recording work.
You do not have to be a Beauty queen, faces some of the best paid in the business are "different". Be careful, do not trust anyone who tells you that you must pay for the photos. If quieres do this in a more serious way, find a representative of a professional agency.
12. Social Networks.
Earn extra money by being on Twitter, Facebook or other sites for certain companies. The principle is basic to attract people. Usually they pay according to the number of visitors you get. 
May be it can help you
1. Social Media Jobs
13. Sale of promotional.
These works usually are published on websites and can help, because they are jobs weekends: sell shots in events, offering liquor tasting wine shops ...
14. Sale of photographs.

Convert your digital photos such money, using sites that resell to different publications. Payments vary according to quality and customers, so research well and draws thousands of flashes. Visit: 123rf. com,,, or

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