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As coach and curious I am, on many occasions I have asked the people with whom he was if they wanted to be rich / as, and the reaction has always been the same: I have been looking face of surprise, as if he had said something large lot, and answering as if the answer is a big no-brainer, "Why, yes." However, when you ask them what they have done to get it, and here I leave aside the issue "chance, lotteries ..." so far no conclusive answers given.

when I started coaching processes, they have also been many customers to the question "What is it that you have and you like to have?" I replied "MONEY, MONEY". But in all cases, after a POWERFUL questions have finished changing the answer for something else, whether love, happiness, a job where you feel fulfilled ...

Let me ask you some questions for reflection:'And you, you want to be rich / a ?. What is for you to be rich, how much ?. What have you done so far to really be rich ?.What are you willing to do to be ?. Are you willing to risk everything you have, even at the risk of losing it, to perhaps make a fortune ?. Think of gold diggers, they invested everything they had to go in search of his dream. You know, most people who have made a fortune have lost everything on one or more occasions.'Have you formed and have financial culture ?.Because if one thing is certain, it is that doing the same thing you've been doing so far, you will get the same results. And if you keep working for another, or as an honest officer (leave aside the case of politicians ...), I doubt you're going to be rich. I do not mean that you leave your job, you will decide what you want to do, but keep in mind that your decision will have some or other consequences.

We all have a "financial thermostat" as the house, and its temperature is set according to what you have told about wealth, their beliefs ( "If that is rich is because it has taken someone"), role models ( parents, people from nearby influence ...). At what temperature you have your financial thermostat ?. It is proven that people who have won the lottery, after a few years have only the amount of money they had before the prize, everything else have spent or lost, because the thermostat was at that temperature. So, if you want to be rich, change your thermostat, set your amount, analyze what you're doing and what to change, and establishes a plan.Here I leave a story in which I explain the secret to being RICO:There was once a young boy who wanted to be rich. He had asked anyone who was what to do to be rich, but no one gave him an answer. He was desperate and did not know what to do. Until one day, an older man suggested him to go to see the richest person in the region, and perhaps he would tell the secret of how he got rich. The young man, without thinking twice, took the road where this rich man lived.

After a long journey, he came to a large house surrounded by a beautiful garden. There he saw an old man tending a rose bush. He approached him and asked where he could find the owner of the house. The man looked him up and down, without heeding continued his task. Then the young man began to tell it was very important to tell him where he could find it, because it had come a long way to talk to him and he needed to explain the secret of how he got rich. Again the old man looked at him and wordlessly followed his. The young man, a little annoyed insist and insist again, saying he would not leave until he could speak with the owner.The man, given the insistence, asked:Do you really want to know how I managed to be rich?The young man, with the illuminated face said he was willing to do what I asked him to tell him.Then the man said:All right, I'll tell you my secret. Follow me without asking questions.The young man was that he was leaving, finally going to know the secret of how to get rich, so he followed the man. This left the house and climbed into his car, down to a large pond. Once there, he got into a boat and told the boy that he rowed. Young missed, rowed, thinking that perhaps wanted to be in a desolate place so no one else heard the secret. Once inside the pond, the rich man told him to get up, and then gave him a hard shove causing him to fall into the water.

The young man, who was not expecting it, fell into the water and tried to rise to the surface for air. As soon as he pulled the head, the rich man pushed him back toward the bottom so many times until when the young estuba drowning. Then the rich man helped him get into the boat. The young, wet and enfuriasmado, said:'You have deceived not only have not told me your secret, but it has thrown me overboard and almost drowned me.Then the rich man said:-The Day, and only the day you want to be rich as before both wanted air to breathe, that day will get rich.And you, do you really want to be rich so ?, what richness want ?.I mean that from the beginning I focused on economic wealth, it is the first thing you think the vast majority of people, but I invite you to think about all your other riches you want really: love, family, friendship ... also my goal with this post is to make you think whether you really know what you want, and if you know, if you're fighting for it as if you lacked air to breathe. Only then you will get it.I encourage you to leave me your comments, and you visit my blog you'll find other items of interest.I recommend these related to the subject POST. How can I get RICH ?

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