Thursday, August 18, 2016

If your-business-is-in-crises-You Must Read It

A successful life depends on one’s physical, mental , practical knowledge and what experience they have gather to their past life living. If you are business person you need to realize about your business which will brings your bright future. So Lets go we discus about on that.

Have you any BUSINESS to the running way? And now Your BUSINESS is in crisis ?, Reduced sales, have fewer customers ...

Do You know what the word "crisis" mean? DANGER + means opportunity. How do you identify yourself?
I look around and hear people complain about how bad business is doing, as if there was a plot against them universe. Questions reason, and only hear "complaints" Outward: blame the government, banks, economy ... Where you going to take this speech ?, you brings something positive, some change ?. What good is focus against the government, the economy ... ?, why all the crisis and there are companies that go well and other bad ?.

Let me tell a real experience: A few weeks ago I went to dinner on a Friday night with friends at a restaurant. This restaurant forced to book a table, and asks for punctuality since each service has 2 input shifts. What surprised me is that when I got to the second round was fully booked, there was no or a needle, and were expecting a good group of people who returned to fill the second shift. Restaurant right in front there was another, empty, and a 100 meter radius counted up to 4 more also almost empty restaurants. Why are restaurant was full and the other empty ?, perhaps the crisis is not the same for everyone ?.

The first thing you have to do is focus on what depends on you, what you can change. Start by changing your beliefs, and try to see the crisis not as a threat, but as an opportunity. Yes, I know it's not easy, but it can be done. This will involve an effort, no doubt out of your "comfort zone" and do things that are not doing so far. Albert Einstein said it best, "Insanity is doing again and again the same thing and expecting different results."

What did you think ?, let me ask you some questions for reflection so you can advance:
- Which of the two meanings are you going to adapt in your life?

- What can you do differently ?. Do not be put off by the negativity of the news and your environment. You have to see the crisis as a challenge, a challenge that after fight it and we will meet it bigger.

- What's the worst that can happen if you do nothing about it ?, What if you started making changes, what could happen?
- How would you like to see your business here 1 year?
- What do you need to move from your current situation to the desired situation?

As I said, I know that the answers are not easy, but after a dream, much effort and no failures, only perhaps different results than expected. And the important thing is to learn from these different results.

And if you do not find the answers in the same way you trust a doctor when you're sick, trust a professional to help you find a professional coach you remove the "stones" that keep you move (your limiting beliefs, fears, bloqueas), which will open new perspectives and allows you to see clearly the path to your goals.

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